Does your life suck?
Need a helping hand?

Why not try a crazy new therapy?

Shaun, a down on his luck couch-potato, sure does.


Early research has shown,  being thrown into a fantasy world full of mythical creatures, where your very survival is a struggle, will give you a fresh perspective on life.

Just what Shaun needs right now.


Though fighting trolls and obesity, while unrequited loves burns deep, is a lot harder than it looks! 

Unfortunately, it also comes with a side order of apocalypse.


If Shaun can survive long enough, he’ll not only turn his life around, he just might become a real world legend!


Can he really afford not to go all-in?

Condition Evolution 1 Ebook

About the author

"I have a fascination for wild worlds and wilder scenarios.  Now I get to share that love!

Kevin Sinclair is from Sunderland – England. He has an awesome family which includes his beautiful wife and four amazing children.

Originally an avid reader of Fantasy and Sci-Fi classics from Asimov to David Gemmell, he found his way to LitRPG, a genre he loves.

As a connoisseur of wild stories, he worries that with so many ideas in the swirling vortex of his mind, it may implode, creating a black hole.

So, in the interest of saving the world, he is trying to get those ideas out of his head and onto his PC as quickly as possible. And after years of procrastination, has finally produced something legible for us all to read.

The Condition Evolution Series.

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Condition Evolution

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Condition Evolution 2

Kevin Sinclair Condition Evolution

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