Kevin Sinclair

Cesmial Accords, Book 1


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The lucky ones died first… for the survivors a bleak march towards annihilation awaits.

Earth’s core holds a powerful secret, drawing Elder Races from across the Universe. And they have a game to play.

Enter The Cesmial Accords—As unnatural talents awaken within the survivors, they must now face a series of monstrous, military waves sent to eradicate humanity.

Undermined by his powerful father for falling short of expectations, Lyewax now has no choice but to prove otherwise in Earth’s dark and brutal new reality. Somehow, he must rally those who remain to make a desperate stand and face their worst fears.

But amidst the rampaging monsters, someone is manipulating time and Lyewax is the focus of their hate. As the odds stack against him, the threads of fate twist into a noose…

Disperse is book 1 of The Cesmial Accords. A LitRPG Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Set on a dystopian Earth, full of violence, and despair, mingled with a glimmer of hope. With time-travel re-do, empire-building, and game mechanics, complete with powers and classes.

Cesmial Accords, Book 2


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The battle for Raelis is over… the war for Earth has just begun.

As the First Wave continues to dominate, bold decisions must be made.

While humanity cowers from the monstrous threat, it falls to Lyewax and his team to lead the resistance.

Now among Earth’s strongest humans, they must fight their way across the North-West Province, fortifying towns and cities – pulling survivors from the shadows.

If they can convince humanity to Tier-up and unite, then the First Wave will fall…

Modulate is book 2 of the Cesmial Accords. A dark, brutal, LitRPG Post-Apocalyptic Thriller. Set on a bleak, dystopian Earth, one-thousand-years in the future. Where hard won, alien technology, enables the survivors to increase in power through a game-like system complete with powers and classes.

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