Kevin Sinclair

Kevin Sinclair

Condition Evolution Series

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Does your life suck? Need a helping hand?

As Shaun’s life continues its downward spiral, he is offered the chance to escape into an epic game world. One with the power to repair his mind and body while he lives out his wildest dreams. What could possibly go wrong?

It turns out, fighting monsters and obesity is tough wherever you are! Then there’s the unrequited love. Weren’t the women supposed to fall head over heels with the hero? Not in Anatoli, a brutal and unforgiving land on the brink of apocalypse.

If Shaun can survive this all too real experience, he might just get to be a hero back in the real world…

Note: This book 1 of the fast-paced genre hopping LitRPG series, Condition Evolution. Be warned! It contains lots of profanity, dark humor, and gratuitous violence. Buckle in. It’s going to be wild!

Condition Evolution

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