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I’m a full-time, British Indie Author, publishing Fantasy, Sci-fi and Post-Apocalyptic novels mainly within the LitRPG GameLit genre.

My debut series, Condition Evolution, spans six novels, with three more on the way. Crossing genres like a penguin goes from land to water, slipping effortlessly from LitRPG fantasy to real world GameLit Space Opera.

 My second series is a gritty, post-apocalyptic series, The Cesmial Accords, which brings elements of time-travel, superhuman powers and waves of vicious monsters to Earth in an epic battle for survival.

Last year also saw the beginning of my Creation’s Bane series. A portal fantasy that’s bigger, grittier and occasionally funnier than anything I’ve written before.

You can get early access to this and my other books through my Patreon.

That’s business out the way, now for a little about me…

Born and bred in the North East of England, a stone’s throw from the rugged coastline of the North Sea. It’s a place full of history, from Pagan stone circles to Roman forts that feed the imagination.

I live with my wife, our four children. We have three dogs, all outrageously different in size, from giant old Newfy, Druss to a miniature Yorkie, Hugo and then there’s Bob, some sort of mysterious hybrid in between. 

By the age of nine, I’d found my love of reading with Point Sci-fi and Point Fantasy books, swiftly followed by the likes of Tolkien and Asimov. Soon after, I began creating and writing my own worlds and stories. I later studied philosophy at Manchester University in England, reading the works of great minds alongside novels from my favorite authors, such as David Gemmell and Terry Pratchett. I then stumbled across works in the LitRPG Genre coming from the back of my first ever eBook, Peter V Brett’s The Painted Man. From there, I was addicted.

Working as a plasterer to support myself and family in 2019, I took the plunge and revisited my writing once more. Throwing close to a hundred half-finished manuscripts to one side, I embarked on something fresh. Pulling together all my experiences, not least of those from twenty years working on construction sites, I set out to write Condition Evolution.

I wanted the warmth and humor, grit and determination that I so often see in those around me, to shine through my work. I’ve drawn on my experience of proudly living and working amongst some amazing and inspiring working-class people, where love and laughter is more important than anything else. How will those virtues hold up against ultimate evil? Allow me to tell you as I continue with the glorious privilege of being able to create and write these unique tales.

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