In the beginning

Welcome to my site and also to my blog. This is the spot where I will keep you updated with all news related to my books, me and also to let you know about other books and authors you might be interested in.

I have a section on the site which is all about me, but just to give you a little background here. I have always wanted to write books, not because I wanted to physically put pen to paper. The urge to commit my words to paper was always more about sharing the worlds and characters I have imagined and developed over the years. These characters have such a rich inner life it was always important to me that at some point in my life, I would find the time to give them the space they needed to live out their lives and do what they need to do.

My books are driven by the characters and their personalities. I try to let them develop organically throughout the trilogy, refraining from adding too much of my own stamp to their vividness and uniqueness.